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Personal, bespoke ceremonies - written by me, on behalf of you, for the couple.

Marriage Celebrants - do you love conducting ceremonies but have an aversion to actually writing them?

Well let me write your ceremony for you...because I bloody love it!

I believe the essence of a great ceremony lies in crafting a story that not only captivates the audience but also feels like a good fit for the couple. 

How does it work?

  1. Get in touch at least six weeks prior to the wedding day.

  2. I’ll send you a personalised questionnaire for the couple to fill out.

  3. If you’re a new client, I'll request a ceremony you have previously written so I can match your tone and style as much as possible.

  4. You’ll receive a written ceremony draft and be able to request at least one round of changes.

  5. I’ll sub the final version back to you, and you can pass it onto the couple. Voila!

Once the ceremony is written, you’ll pretty much just have to turn up on the wedding day and deliver that fabulous ceremony to a happy couple. Easy-peasy!

How much will it cost? 


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