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How much do I charge?

I'm the kind of marriage celebrant that will create and deliver a ceremony you and your guests will always remember. If you're looking for something personal, fun and well organised, entrust it to me - I'll start your wedding day right! 

If that's not what you're looking for, I might not be the celebrant for you. 

Please see my indicative costs below. I also charge travel costs for ceremonies outside of Sydney.

​In addition if you're getting married in NSW I can order an official marriage certificate on your behalf

at the same cost that the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry Office charges.

FROM $800

Personalised Marriage Ceremony

This caters for most weddings. My fee depends on the size and nature of your wedding, and includes:

  • All meetings and contact  

  • Provision of my wedding kit

  • An awesome, tailored ceremony

  • Help with your vows

  • Documentation and registration

  • Rehearsal the day before

  • Use of my PA system. 


BYO "Officiant" Marriage Ceremony

Do you have friend or family member

that you'd like to conduct your marriage ceremony?

Well, instead of them going through the lengthy (and relatively costly) process of becoming an authorised celebrant, allow me to perform the legals only! This includes: 

  • One meeting with you as the couple and your "officiant"

  • Help with your vows

  • Documentation and registration

  • The legally binding aspects of the ceremony (on the day)

  • Use of my PA system


Legals Only Marriage Ceremony

This is for couples wanting the bare minimum legal elements of a marriage ceremony, where the attendees are the two of you, me, and two witnesses. It's an alternative to a Registry Office wedding.


Baby Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremonies are a way to welcome your baby or child into the world and provide an alternative to a church christening. It could involve a simple welcome, formally introducing the child's name or the pledging of promises from loved ones.

Services & Fees: Price List


Celebrants in Sydney may charge as little as $500 or as much as $1500. It really depends on what you're looking for.
If you'd like a ceremony that is more personal than simply the addition of your names, you should expect to pay more than a standard registry wedding. To provide some context, a marriage officiated at the New South Wales Births, Deaths & Marriage (BDM) Registry Office will set you back approximately $550.

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